Lady Homicide #99

Lady Homicide first gave derby a try back in 2012, skating for the Moore County Missfits of Dumas, Texas. She instantly fell in love!

She had never enjoyed team sports before, only participating in track and cross country throughout high school. Roller Derby changed that for Homicide! She got to know some amazing people, pushed herself to new limits, and found an incredibly fun way to stay in shape!

Homicide took a break from derby from 2015-2018 because she had moved to a very small town in Oklahoma, and the closest derby team was more than an hour away. Homicide and her now Fiance moved back to their hometown of Dumas, TX and her love of skating resurfaced upon learning about a new team being put together here in Amarillo! She made the decision to rejoin and hasn't thought twice about it!

A few facts about Homicide: She is marrying her best friend and soul mate this year, on Halloween! She has a little chorckie named Xyla who just turned 8 years old! And she has 3 (THREE!) cats, Maya (f), Anni (m), and Lillith (m). They are each about 7 years old and all incredibly spoiled!

Homicide currently works part time for Gamestop and runs her own online shop selling stationery items!