Booty KaBoom #008

Its Booty KaBOOM! A few things about her, she is a hairstylist and was born and raised in Dumas, Texas with big city dreams. Booty is currently engaged to her soul mate of five years! She is a unicorn, shiny and rare! Also just your every day one of a kind weirdo! Booty loves shopping and baking when she isn't wearing her skates. Her favorite color is purple and she LOVES Italian food!

Booty started derby right out of high school, playing for the Moore County Missfits of Dumas. It was something she had always wanted to try but she didn't get the chance until then! She played for 3.5 years, also helping to fill rosters for teams in the surrounding area such as CRD in Clovis, NM; RCRD in Canyon, TX; Down N' Derby in Plainview, TX; and the All-Star League under Route 66 Roller Derby right here in Amarillo!

Booty Kaboom retired from skating in 2015, but upon hearing about BCBS she just could not stay away! Her favorite position to play is blocker and her signature hit is called the KaBoom! Not many skaters can withstand the phenomenal force that is Booty KaBOOM!